Eternity by stage-nana


"Mm. There must be an 'eternity' that way, too."

Welcome to the English-language homepage of stage-nana production Volume 20: Eien, or as we will call it in English, Eternity.

Eternity is a doujin novel game based on One ~To the Radiant Season~ by Tactics -- specifically the relationship between Orihara Kouhei, the protagonist; and Kawana Misaki, whom the player knows simply as "Senpai".

Under a new winter's sky,
a girl who couldn't see and a boy who seldom had seen
were taught a lesson on the 'important' things.

It is strongly recommended to have played One ~To the Radiant Season~ before beginning this game, but not absolutely necessary; however, you will need it installed on your computer in order to copy over the background music.

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Eien belongs to stage-nana. One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ and all associated content belong to Tactics/Nexton.