Revi┼┐ation XXXVIII; August 4th, Anno Domini 2022.

  1. Be a friend to him who is dying.
  2. A friend never assists in suicide.
  3. Forgive your parents.
  4. Do not buy stuff.
  5. Buy stuff that makes the best use of & safeguards objective good.
  6. Save what is real & beautiful from the dumpsters of the world.
  7. Give gifts freely & lovingly.
  8. Never expect a loan back.
  9. Men who drive older cars make for the best company.
  10. Practicality over all.
  11. Perfection is all there is to strive for.
  12. Visual novels suck.
  13. Be nice.
  14. Do not apologise too much.
  15. Do not bother acting civilised.