Wanted Lost Media/Web Content

This page is made in the hopes of tracking down just a few obscure, possibly unobtainable works that I've found indisputable evidence of having existed on the internet.

Higurashi Renapan Flash Version

The website to the Higurashi drama CD had hosted a Flash conversion of the Higurashi minigame "Renapan" (れなぱん), and the reason it was special is that it featured a new music track and some voice acting from the pre-Deen drama CD actress for Rena. The game unfortunately used that old form of site DRM that links you to a preload file, while a payload file is loaded in the background. That means that if you save the linked file, you won't be able to play it elsewhere because the bulk of the game assets won't be available. The game's page is archived here, and the preload file, renapan.swf is archived, and it actually contains all of the game's sound, but nothing of the game itself. The payload file, renapanyamada.swf is not archived. It is fully possible that this file will never be found again as the anti-piracy method did its job, and VERY few people are likely to have downloaded it.

Pani Poni Dash 2ch Opening Flash

Some time ago, I used a very old blog site -- one whose state of being up still is miraculous -- to find links to bunches of Japanese otaku Flash animations and dig them up using archive.org, which I then posted on my 2ch Flash page. The one animation I wasn't able to get was this, evidently a 2ch parody of the first Pani Poni Dash opening. Not a big deal, as there are many others like it; Pani Poni Dash just happens to be one of my favourite anime, and it's a pain to be forced to break up a set of classic pieces of fan content such as these.

Saya no Uta English PONScripter Edition

The Saya no Uta engine from Nitroplus was rather finicky, so when it came time for fans to translate it to Russian it was ported to PONScripter. But first, the existing English translation was carried over to the base version of this port, and that English version is what is missing from the web. The Mac release of the Russian version has been found here.

Summer Death

Summer Death (夏死) was a very obscure horror(?) doujin novel written in NScripter or Scripter3, based on Air from Key. As with most small-time paid doujin novels, it is simply not archived nor cared about, and the man who was daring enough to upload a playthrough of it over a decade ago deemed it kusoge. You can watch that playthrough here.